The route of the second edition of the San Remo marathon unwinds along the Cycle Path of Western Liguria. This is one of the main attractions of the Province of Imperia that has established itself over the course of the years as a great outdoor space for free time and sport, suitable for people of all ages and in all seasons.

It is an extremely long walkway, all just waiting to be discovered, with some sections following the sea, and others only moments away from the main centers of the Riviera of Flowers. Constantly immersed in the delights of nature: sky, sea and Mediterranean flora, the bike path is there for local residents and tourists alike to take advantage of at any time of the day.

The Coastal Park of Western Liguria is one of the most extensive bicycle and pedestrian paths on the Mediterranean, and it all began along the route that was once the one-track railway line from Genoa to Ventimiglia. When the train track was moved inland, all these kilometers were re-evaluated and it was decided to turn them into one of the most fascinating cycle paths in Italy, and in Europe.

There is so much to recommend what is considered to be one of the most interesting attractions of the Ligurian Riviera – it provides only one of many reasons for you to have a holiday in our area.

The Cycle Path was initiated in the summer of 2008 and now it covers 24 kilometers linking 8 municipalities of the Riviera of Flowers. Work is planned in the near future to continue to add  more accessible paths to the Coastal Park of Western Liguria. The aim is to eventually reach a length of 60 kilometers, thus giving the park one of the longest cycle-pedestrian paths in Europe.

The eight localities crossed by the cycle-pedestrian path from west to east are: Ospedaletti, San Remo, Taggia, Riva Ligure, Santo Stefano al Mare, Cipressa, Costarainera and San Lorenzo al Mare.

You can easily start out from San Lorenzo al Mare and arrive at Ospedaletti by bicycle, rent cycle rickshaws and tandem bikes at various rental points along the way to enjoy a relaxing outing by the sea. You can also stop for a break to have a coffee, an icecream, a sandwich, a snack or a quick lunch at any of the bars and refreshment facilities found along the path. You can also take a long walk, go running, marching, rollerskating … whatever activity you prefer and with whomever you like

You can also have fun going shopping by bike or easily go on foot from one town to another, keeping fit and avoiding the stress of parking!

In the last few years the cycle path has also been the setting for important sporting events such as the Giro d’Italia which in May 2015 started right from San Lorenzo al Mare for a stage of 17.6 km, proceeding entirely along the path on a route which finished in the City of Flowers.

The Run for the Whales is also run along the cycle path in June – this  includes both the half marathon and the 10 km.

There are so many breathtaking views overlooking the sea, on the rocky shore and the cliffs, immersed in  Mediterranean vegetation that grew for many decades and was left intact because it is inaccessible. The Mediterranean flora that you meet is made up of aromatic herbs, Maritime pines, oleanders, fig trees, flowers and plants of various kinds that spread in a profusion of scented greenery, providing a variety of fragrances and nuances in every season of the year. From one stunning glimpse of nature to another you cross the centers where coastal residents live and you also go through the tunnels where years ago the trains passed. A unique and enchanting experience that can only be experienced by going along the cycle path of western Liguria!