Route of the Sanremo Marathon (42K)

The route of the San Remo Marathon winds along the cycle path of the Coastal Park of the Riviera of Flowers, from San Remo crossing Taggia (Arma), Riva Ligure, Santo Stefano al Mare.


Marathon 42 KM percorso Sanremo Marathon 2023

The route of the San Remo Marathon is extremely scenic, as it unfolds along the track of the old railway line and skirts the sea for the whole distance. It’s a very fast route as it stretches straight ahead with an almost flat gradient. The only pitfall could be the wind.

  • Start of the Marathon: San Remo, Athletic fields – Viale Grande Torino, Pian di Poma
  • Route: Cycle path of the coastal park of the Riviera of Flowers
  • Finish: San Remo, Athletic fields
  • Distance: 42,195 Km approved by Italian Athletic Federation

The route of the Sanremo Marathon 42K includes

  • Departure inside the Athletic fields of Pian di Poma in Sanremo
  • Exit from the Athletic fields and insertion on the bike path in the direction of Ospedaletti
  • Turn of the buoy at the Lungomare of Ospedaletti
  • Return on the bicycle path towards Sanremo
  • Exit from the bike path in correspondence of corso Mombello
  • Passing in front of the fort of Santa Tecla
  • Passage along the Porto Vecchio
  • Entry in Corso Trento e Trieste
  • Continuation on Lungomare Nazario SauroRe-entry on the cycle path at Via Nobel (South-East)
  • Continuation towards Arma di Taggia along the bike pathOnce in Riva Ligure, take a city stretch:
  • Pass the old level crossing on the bike path until the intersection with via Giardino (towards the sea).
  • Pass under the archivolt of the Town Hall, turn left on via Nino Bixio until the intersection with via Marina at the border with Santo Stefano al Mare,
  • Turn right onto via San Francesco and then take the new promenade towards Santo Stefano al Mare.
  • Arriving from the new promenade at the border with Riva Ligure, go along the whole C.Colombo promenade passing on the sidewalk and then continue on the Gerolamo da Santo Stefano promenade, turn always on the sidewalk on the square from the amphitheater and then proceed on the Cap d’Albertis promenade.
  • At the height of the cemetery of Santo Stefano, take the bicycle path again towards Imperia.
  • Buoy turn inside the tunnel of San Lorenzo.
  • Return towards Sanremo entirely on the bicycle path.
  • Arrival at the athletic fields of Pian di Poma in Sanremo.