Discover the spectacular Sanremo Marathon as it winds through the coastal towns of Ospedaletti, Sanremo, Taggia, Riva Ligure, and Santo Stefano al Mare. A unique race along the picturesque Ligurian coast.

The Sanremo Marathon is a footrace competition that takes place along the beautiful coast of Liguria, Italy. This marathon traverses several coastal towns, each with its own unique characteristics. Here is a brief description of the towns involved in the Sanremo Marathon:


Ospedaletti is a charming town situated along the Ligurian coast, known for its mild climate and beautiful beaches. The marathon route passes through this town at the beginning of the race, offering participants a panoramic view of the sea and the city.


Sanremo is probably the most famous town among those involved in the marathon. It is a renowned tourist destination, famous for its Casino, flowered gardens, the Sanremo Festival, and the coastal roads overlooking the Ligurian Sea. During the marathon, runners traverse the main streets of Sanremo, providing them with the opportunity to discover this fascinating coastal city.


Taggia is a picturesque town known for its well-preserved historic center and high-quality olive oil. The marathon route winds through the historic center, where participants can admire the medieval architecture and the surrounding landscape.


Riva Ligure is a small seaside town characterized by a pebble beach and a peaceful atmosphere. During the marathon, runners pass through this town, enjoying views of the coast and the fresh sea air.


Santo Stefano al Mare is another lovely coastal town along the marathon route. This location offers beautiful views of the sea and the coast and is famous for its sandy beaches. Runners can enjoy a brief stop along the coast before continuing with their challenge.