Regulation Family Run

FAMILY RUN regualtions

  • Event: FAMILY RUN Sanremo Marathon

  • Sports Organization: Pro San Pietro

  • Date:  December 4, 2022 – 9:30 am

  • Start:  Sanremo – athletics fields

  • Route: Sanremo – athletics fields- bycicle lane

  • Finish: Sanremo – athletics fields

  • Distance: about 2,5 Km

  • Logistic base of the organization (secretary and collection of race bibs): Athletic Fields, Pian di Poma, San Remo


Everyone can participate at the San Remo Family Run young and old, provided with a great desire to have fun. The ludic nature of the event doesn’t imply the presentation of medical certificates (with the registration the participant exempts the organization from any responsibility).


a) online until November 26, 2022 through the official website of the event  for payments with bank transfer, credit card Visa, Mastercard,  Amex or Paypal.

b) online up to December 1, 2022 through the official website of the event for payments with credit card Visa, Mastercard,  Amex or Paypal.

c) direct registration at the desk of the organization open on the days indicated at the page Race Program.


  Under 14 Over 15
online registration up to December 1, 2022 free € 8,00
direct registration at the registration point on December 4-5 2021 free  € 8,00


  • medical assistance

  • insurance

  •  race bib

Regulatory changes, taking into account the update
of the Covid-19 situation:
Those entitled to or who must access the competition site must be in possession of a
one of the green CoVID-19 certifications and, for follow-up, deliver
anti-CoVID19 self-declaration:
1. Green CoVID-19 certification valid on the date of the competition, which can be
released after administration of the first dose of vaccine and is valid from
fifteenth day following up to the date scheduled for the administration of
second dose (in case of double dose vaccine). The green certification has in any case
a validity of nine months from the end of the vaccination cycle;
Treatment of a Sars-CoV-2 infection valid on the date of the competition (validity 6
3. perform rapid molecular or antigenic test with negative result for viruses
Sars-CoV-2 (valid for 48 hours, valid on the date of the competition).
The above provisions do not apply to subjects excluded by age from the campaign
vaccination and exempt subjects on the basis of a specific medical certificate issued pursuant to
the criteria defined in a circular of the Ministry of Health.
There will be no sponges on the course
At the refreshment points along the route there will be only bottled water and packaged products
single portion.
The start must be made with the mask worn for the first 500 meters, it will be
present a figure indicated by the organization who will specify in the appropriate space the
possibility to remove it.
The masks will be worn again upon arrival and for refueling.
No pasta party but each runner will be given a bag
only refreshment.
There will be no possibility to shower and use the changing rooms
The finish medal will be delivered with the refreshment package.
Body temperature will be measured at the beginning of each race


The organization reserves the right to modify these regulations at any moment in order to ensure a better organization of the race.

Any changes to services, locations or timetables will be immediately communicated to registered athletes or will be reported on the internet site www.sanremomarathon.it. In addition, documents containing essential information for taking part in the race will be sent by the organization together with the race bib.


With the registration to the San Remo Family Run, the participant authorizes the organization to the treatment of personal data for purposes of registration management and related services such as timing, ranking  as well a periodic provision of news concerning the event, territory and other similar events.

Image  rights

With the registration to the San Remo Family Run, the participant authorizes the Organization, along with sponsors and media partners the acquisition of the right to use still or motion images where the participant can appear on, on all media including promotional and/or advertising material all over the world and for the maximum time allowed by law, the regulations and treaties en force, including any extension that may be made to the planned period.


Organizing Committee of the San Remo Marathon
with the support of Pro San Pietro and San Remo Rugby asd
and in collaboration with NYALA WONDER TRAVEL San Remo