3*7 Relay

The 3*7 km relay, under the auspices of CSI, is open to anyone who 16 or older. Athletes wishing to participate can register online from 1st June to 8th December, and can also sign up on the spot on 9th and 10th December.

The 3*7 km Relay makes it possible to participate in groups; in fact each team is made up of of 3 athletes, each one of which runs a part of the 7 km.

The registration fee of the 3*7 km includes various services such as medical assistance, rest stops and bag depository.

The 3*7 km course (the same as the Portosole San Remo Half Marathon) will start from Marina di San Lorenzo to follow the cycle path and arrive at Portosole.

The time allowed to athletes to complete the race is 3 hours.

For more information, write to us.